We have called the little friend here that you can see on the top right Rainbow Dolphin. He is the one who inspired the physical me (Jashan) to put up this page. The group of sleeping dolphins below this text came directly towards me in an arc, and it truly felt like they wanted me to take a picture of them swimming in the group, sleeping.

It seems that many people swimming here with the dolphins don't know that they come to Kealakekua Bay for resting. On most days, packs of people in kayaks literally invade the bay around 10:00am - which is exactly the time when the dolphins usually start sleeping. While sleeping, they swim in large groups, close to each other and every now and then, they have to go up to the surface to catch some air. Imagine what it's like for them when the surface is full of kayaks: they have to wake up so that they can navigate to a free space at the surface.

I've prepared a flyer that is meant to help those interested in passing the information around. You can download it here, print it in any size you feel is appropriate. If you want to, you can modify it so that it transports the message you want to pass around. In one sentence: use this in accordance to your own truth as long as it is for the good of the dolphins, whales and mankind! If you have any significant changes or improvements, it would be appreciated, however, if you would return them to this flyer's home so that all visitors to this site can benefit from your work.

Download flyer: [A4, zipped, 3MB] [Letter, zipped, 3MB]

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