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Finally, a Website that is not directly connected to the Cataceans. It is about a Spiritual Science and the Path of Awakening instead. As far as I know, it is the only active part of the Solar Line in the western world in these days - an ancient tradition that might be considered the source of most current spiritual traditions and religions. The reason why I'm putting this up here is because the core message is that the human race needs to awaken to restore the beauty and harmony on this wonderful planet - and that this awakening is quite possible. Sambodha offers a unique and complete spiritual knowledge, accompanied by meditation techniques like the Mahantarapatha Pavana Meditations that support those who practice those techniques in actualizing this knowledge in their every day lifes. The founder of Sambodha is Aaravindha Himadra, a wonderful being gifted with what is called "Saumedhika (Oracular) Sight" and offering this gift to those who seek a path towards awakening. It is not about persuit - it's about mindfulnes and effortlessness. And it's about taking back our responsibility. The responsibility to keep this planet in harmony. A responsibility that the Cataceans always adhered to, while a great part of humanity has forgotten about it and - sorry to say that - turned into the opposite. But some promised - a very long time ago - that they would remember. That they would hold this sacred knowledge in their hearts no matter how dark the times would become, and never forget. It is time for this knowledge to be returned to the world! For more information, see www.sambodha.org (both available in English and German)

You can contact me at david@daten-raum.de or +49 (177) 274 12 45