Dancing Dolphin: A Steeldrum's Life within a Dolphin's Mind

  1. Welcome the Steeldrum
  2. Children
  3. Bounded
  4. Cycles
  5. Meeting the Skeleton Lady (The Void)
  6. Coming Home (Lyrics)

A note on copyright: you can use this music as you wish, give anybody a copy that might like it, and I'll be happy. I might try to earn money with music some day, but that's another story, and in particular, I will NOT EVER support copy protection, DRM and other stuff like that. I want to live in an open, free society, with open, free art. Therefore, when I go commercial, I'll do it in a way that respects both the artists and the consumers. And, as a sidenote: in a way that does not support any industry, because art is not an industry.

Oh, I almost forgot: I do sell this music on CD, with a nice cover, and if you're quick, I still have 4 or 5 copies on special black CDs that almost look like vinyl. Just if you like it and you want to support me, send me a note, a little donation and I'll send you a copy. But you're totally encouraged to download this music and burn the CD yourself, if that's what you prefer! I'd have to sell a LOT of these CDs to come close to what I earn as a software-developer: my freelancer profile.

You can contact me at david@daten-raum.de or +49 (177) 274 12 45